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Ipswich Waterfront Action Partnership

Ipswich Waterfront Action was established in 2006 as a community initiative with the purpose of working towards a friendly, thriving and vibrant community on the Ipswich Waterfront (Ipswich Docks).

Ipswich Waterfront Action Partnership Group - established 2006


What Is Ipswich Waterfront Action?    What do they do?   What Is the Action Plan for Waterfront Action?  Who is part of it?

What is Ipswich Waterfront Action?

Ipswich Waterfront Action
is working to help develop a vibrant, friendly and thriving community on the Ipswich Waterfront / Docks.

In the name of "Waterfront Action" we feel we have some of the inspiration that has been behind the partnership and it is Action on the Ipswich Waterfront that we are aspiring to in the future.

What Does Ipswich Waterfront Action Do?

Waterfront Action has organised several very large successful events which were held to help develop a relational and vibrant Ipswich Waterfront / Docks Community for both residents and visitors. A number of reports have been produced giving of details of both the "soft" and "hard" data obtained as a result of surveys and reports from events. Reports are downloadable

Ipswich Waterfront Action has on this website a comprehensive directory of Ipswich Waterfront Events, a directory and database  of Ipswich Waterfront Businesses and directory of Waterfront Community Groups and Organisations

The partnership works with organisations organising events and helps with this as appropriate. Work with residents and Residents Forums is an ongoing part of the partnership as is being part of the Ipswich Waterfront Business Forum. The partnership represents the Ipswich Waterfront on different bodies and committees working to achieve the aims of working to help develop a vibrant, friendly and thriving community on the Ipswich Waterfront.

A fortnightly (or more often as necessary) email is sent out to everyone on the mailing list letting them know about news and events.

Please join the Mailing List to be kept up-to date with what is going on!

Who Are The Partners In Ipswich Waterfront Action?

Partners come from the Public, Private and Voluntary/Community Sectors
each work in, and have an interest in the Ipswich Waterfront.

To see a list of partners click here

Ipswich Waterfront Action Partnership Group