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Maritime Ipswich 2011

At Ipswich Waterfront / Quayside.... come and see! Those visiting the Ipswich Waterfront can enjoy fantastic events - 60,000 enjoyed Celebrating Ipswich by visiting the Maritime Ipswich Waterfront Maritime Festival - Vintage Markets and Fayres. Boat cruises and barges on Ipswich Docks. If you a visiting Ipswich there is a great range of Ipswich Waterfront Bars, Cafes and Shops. Luxury and Budget accommodation and many Ipswich businesses and community groups on the Ipswich Quayside / Waterfront / Docks. Ipswich Waterfront Action was proud to be a partner again for Maritime Ipswich Waterfront Festival.

Sun rising at Ipswich Docks Waterfront Ship arriving at Ipswich Docks Port Waterfront Night on the Waterfront Ipswich Twilight at Watefront Ipswich Docks Waterfront Ipswich Postcard of Ipswich Quayside Isaacs and Salt House Harbour Ipswich Waterfront
Old Custom House Ipswich Waterfront UCS Building Ipswich Waterfront Regatta Quay and The Mill Developments Ipswich Waterfront Boats at Ipswich quayside Community Day on Waterfront Ipswich Neptune Square Ipswich Waterfront
Reflections on Ipswich Waterfront University Campus Suffolk Ipswich Waterfront Holy Trinity Church Ipswich Waterfront Loch Fyne Fish at Ipswich Waterfront Samba Dancing on Ipswich Waterfront Loch Fyne Crabs Ipswich Quayside
Events by Ipswich Waterfront Churches Church Songs of Praise Ipswich Waterfront Community Fete @ Ipswich Waterfront Fayres and Markets at Ipswich Waterfront Waterfront Praise Service on Ipswich Docks http://www.ipswichwaterfrontmarket.co.uk/
Whether you want to come and visit to soak up the atmosphere by walking along the Ipswich Waterfront Quayside ......... or to sit outside one of the many cafe, bars, bistros, restaurants simply watching the day go by.......... then the Waterfront @ Ipswich is the place to be!!!  Put visiting Ipswich Waterfront/Docks in your diary and Celebrate Ipswich!

Ipswich Maritime Trust Window Ipswich Waterfront

Old buildings juxta contemporary alongside the Ipswich Waterfront Quayside .... there is plenty of green space to at two Ipswich Parks - Alexandra Park Ipswich and Holywells Park Ipswich - which walking are just a couple of minutes away.,,..or why not take a cruise on one of the boats on the Ipswich Waterfront. Don't forget to visit the old Churches - especially Holy Trinity Ipswich with its breath-taking window - and the Ipswich Maritime Trust Window Museum is well worth a look too. Ipswich Waterfront now has a Tourist Information Office in Viking Mariners as well as plenty of information and leaflets in the office at Neptune Marina. Latest news and information available. The Ipswich Docks, Port of Ipswich, Ipswich Quayside and Waterfront began in the 7th Century so there is a wealth of maritime and nautical history. (History)

Samba Community Fete Ipswich Waterfront

Plus, the Waterfront @ Ipswich is alongside a modern multiplex cinema, a five minute walk to the bustling Ipswich Town Centre (walking through quaint shops in the St Peter's and St Nicholas Streets) and just a short walk from the Ipswich Town FC Stadium.

Waterfront At Ipswich At It's Best Says The Evening Star

As part of helping and establish and maintain a friendly, thriving and vibrant community on the Ipswich Waterfront (or as it used to be called the Ipswich Docks), during the year monthly Ipswich Waterfront Markets and Vintage Markets, Ipswich Maritime Festival, Community Fetes, Street Entertainment and other events take place along the Waterfront @ Ipswich as well as in nearby locations which attract many visitors (check out the events page). Ipswich Maritime Festival attracted 70,000 visitors. See what's been happening from the News items of Ipswich Waterfront (News)  Check out more events at the      Ipswich Waterfront (Events).
Maritime Ipswich 2011 Festival Waterfront 

Getting to the Waterfront @ Ipswich is easy - just ten minutes walk from Ipswich Station, five minutes from the Ipswich Town Centre or ....if you are driving there are plenty of car-parks around....and if you want to stay on for the night there are a variety of hotels and B&B's! Neptune & Haven Marinas are the places to moor your boats if you are coming in on the Water. So come on and join the many who enjoy visiting Ipswich Waterfront Quayside and Docks!  Website

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